What I Got for Christmas 2020

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! Albeit a weird holiday season, I hope you had a little bit of normalcy whether it be with family, by making a family recipe, or connecting virtually with those you love. In tandem with previous years, I’m sharing my annual “What I Got for Christmas” post. This year, most of my gifts revolved around things for my apartment. Since purchasing the necessities for the apartment it’s been hard for me to justify the purchase of decorative pieces so Christmas was the perfect opportunity to add a few of those pieces to my list.

This Christmas was so rewarding because in meant returning home with no haste to pick up shifts at work or intern in an empty office as I’ve done in years past. I took the more relaxed approach of purchasing gifts that would ensure a smile from the recipient, rather than something that would be perfectly one-of-a-kind. As much as I love concocting the perfect gift for loved ones, I must admit, this way of shopping is much more enjoyable. You can shop what I received for Christmas below!

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  1. Better Homes and Gardens Bar Cart – The biggest thing on my list was a bar cart. Since college, I’ve wanted one and could never justify the purchase but, finally, in my own space with my own furniture I felt like it was time to ask. The one listed is from the WalMart Better Homes and Gardens collection and was on rollback back in November. Sadly, it’s no longer available but I’ve linked a very similar one! I can’t wait to decorate it with my favorite alcohols, various mixers, and cute knickknacks!
  2. Comfy Blanket Hoodie – One thing that everyone in the family received was a Comfy blanket hoodie. I don’t think a day has passed since Christmas that I haven’t worn mine! They were found at Costco of all places and are such an underrated buy. Looks like I’ll be very cozy this January working from home!
  3. NEST Amalfi Lemon and Mint Candle – I’m such a strict scent person. Once Christmas is over, I retire all of my balsam fir candles and look for fresher scents to burn in my home. This year, we all received a NEST candle and this Amalfi Lemon and Mint candle is going to not only last for a long time, but also make my entire apartment smell fresh and crisp as a sign of spring to come.
  4. London Fog Quilted Carry On – I guess Santa heard me rant about how I hated walking through the Atlanta airport with a duffle bag like an amateur traveller so I found a rolling London Fog suitcase underneath the tree! This quilted, soft exterior London Fog suitcase is small enough to store in an overhead compartment (on larger planes) and comes as a piece of a set in the event I want to indulge in matching luggage.
  5. Le Creuset Kettle – I don’t drink coffee so there’s no need for a coffee machine or even Kurig in my kitchen, however I love a hot cup of tea. Since moving, I boil hot water in a small sauce pan (due to my lack of a microwave) and this Christmas my mom gifted me a Le Creuset kettle with a whistle so I don’t set off the fire alarm…again. 😅
  6. Gold Bar Cart Tools – To go along with my new little at-home bar, my sister gave me a few bar tools to make my favorite cocktails and mocktails (hello, dry January!). This set will look amazing on my cart and will help make those TikTok drinks I see that much more accurate!
  7. 12 Pound Weighted Blanket – I feel like I’m a year behind on the weighted blanket trend but I don’t care! I normally sleep with three comforters sheerly because I love the added weight but now my weighted blanked will do the trick. This fluffy blanket is 12 pounds and perfect for lounging around and subbing as one of my three comforters! LOL
  8. Peach AirPods Case – I spend more time with my AirPods in my ears than in their case and because of that, my sister gave me this cute little AirPod case which she said reminded her of a “Georgia peach”. Now my Aipods won’t get lost in my purse!

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