Perfect Gifts for Each Enneagram Type

Searching for the perfect gift to give the people on your list? Look no further! I love enneagram types when you gift around each personality and then marry it with the art of gift giving, there’s no way you can go wrong. As a proud Type 3, I’m excited to bring you the ultimate gift guide for all the enneagram types in your life. 

If you’re new to enneagrams, they’re essentially a model of the human psyche. Divided into 9 types, enneagrams prove that although there are predominantly nine personality types, each one is interconnected and essential to society. Everyone falls into one main type and then wings help show the specifics of each overarching type. If you’re unsure what type you are, you can take the quiz here

Type 1 – The Perfectionist

The Perfectionist is, not surprisingly, our first enneagram. This personality is rational, idealistic, principled, purposeful and strives for perfection. This perfection can be a double edged sword as it helps them reach for the stars, but also causes immense stress on a Type 1. The best gift for a Perfectionist would be supplies to help them reach their goals beyond expectation or gifts to help them relax when it all gets to be too much. 

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Type 2 – The Helper 

The kind and generous Helper is enneagram type 2. This personality is an interpersonal, warm, inviting, caring, and vivacious people-pleaser. They are friendly, compassionate and can always be found having lunch with a friend or offering hospitality in many shapes and forms. The best gifts for the Helper are things to help her entertain and open up her space to friends and family. Don’t forget to give a type 2 a few things for self-care though! Remind her that she should take time to herself and make herself as a priority every now and then. 

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Type 3 – The Achiever

Falling in line at type 3 is The Achiever. The Achiever not only wants to perform for others, but wants to prove it to herself that she is capable of success. The Achiever is a success-oriented, pragmatic, driven and image-conscious goal getter who won’t stop until the work is achieved. This Christmas, gift the Achiever the tools she needs to succeed in and out of the office. When work becomes too much, let this achiever relax by playing some games! It’ll allow her to maintain her competitive edge while not taking things too seriously. 

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Type 4 – The Individualist

Nothing can hold back the vivacious personality Type 4, the Individualist. This personality type is expressive, dramatic, loud, temperamental, bold and sometimes sensitive. She lets her emotions and thoughts out for the world to see and is unashamed of her personality. She is truly and uniquely herself. Don’t try to quiet or change The Individualist, instead gift her the supplies to embrace her truest self. This year, gift a Type 4 goodies to help her express herself or show off her zest for life. 

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Type 5 – The Investigator 

Coming in at Type 5 is The Investigator. She’s an intense, cerebral type who is perceptive, innovative, a problem-solver, and though-provoking. Investigators thrive off of being useful and capable. They are problem solvers and often become famous icons. Some of the most brilliant modern day thinkers are Type 5’s which is why you should gift them tools to foster their ideas, ask questions, and find answers. Even on their down time, they are learning or solving which is why anything to read or accomplish is a great present. 

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Type 6 – The Loyalist

There was no truer friend than a Type 6 Loyalist. This personality type is committed and security-oriented. They are suspicious of those outside of their circle, keep their friends close, and stick to what they know. They appreciate understanding and consistency in life. A great gift for a Loyalist is something to make their space and routine that much more enjoyable and precious. Take the time to understand the comfort Loyalists try to achieve and then give accordingly. 

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Type 7 – The Enthusiast 

The Type 7 Enthusiast is the first one down for a road trip and appreciates a busy and fun-filled life. They are spontaneous, scattered, distractible but also the first to take on an adventure. Although the enthusiast is thrilled to give you a gift, the best present for them is an experience or something that makes going on experiences that much more enjoyable. Think travel, day-trips, and bucket lists! 

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Type 8 – The Challenger

If there’s one enneagram that’s extremely difficult to shop for it’s Type 8, The Challenger. This personality type is powerful, self-confident, willful, and confrontational from time to time. They love surprises and are often shopping local, which makes gift giving from online stores a little tricky. When in doubt, give gifts that reinforce the Challenger’s sense of power. Let her know she is strong, loved, accomplished and can take on the world. 

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Type 9 – The Peacemaker 

Last but certainly not least, Type 9 is The Peacemaker. The Peacemaker is easygoing and receptive to other people. They are agreeable and reassuring. Nine’s make it a point to bring peace and understanding to a conversation. In doing so, they subconsciously take on a lot of stress themselves and deserve to relax. Also, they deserve a peaceful place to nest. When giving to a Peacemaker, shop with the word “zen” in mind. 

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